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Technology for Website Development Solutions

Technology is key for any website development. Each website is created with a business objective, the relevant combination of technologies are to be adopted in delivering the digital value to your website. We have a technology guide provide below that helps you choose the appropriate combination of technologies to accomplish the business goals.


Each website receives a structure that is readable by internet browsers using HTML and CSS. To build responsive websites HTML5 is widely chosen. Most businesses that have an in-house resource who has the knowledge of these languages prefer to build a website using these technologies. HTML5 is also equipped to build beautiful websites that include usable functionalities. Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) would help you bring in beautiful widgets, transitions and animations without increasing the size of the website drastically.

Programming Languages

There is no programming language better than another. A programming language is chosen based on the needs of your website. If you are using a specific framework, then the relevant programming language takes an upper hand over the rest. Some of the programming languages we use to develop websites are –

  • JavaScript                                                               
  • Python
  • PHP
  • Java
  • Dot Net
  • AJAX
  • Frameworks

Frameworks help you build a website, with reduced complexities of a programming language. They also help in a defined set of functionalities that can be built into your website, eliminating the redundancy for your users and also hence reduced the time for producing and developing a website. This is a preferred mode of web development to reduce cost of producing a website.

Database & Libraries

Data is critical for your business. If your business uses a website to actively interact and engage with your customers, then there will a lot of data you need to store as well as share. To manage them websites are supported by databases and libraries for seamless interaction.

Protocols & API

Website is built ensuring the norms, protocols, standard instructions and best practices. We implement it for HTTP, DDP and REST.

Front-end & Back-end

Website’s front-end that requires HTML, CSS and PHP are managed by our team. The project that we work on also includes managing the back-end, that is your servers and database.

Web Browsers

Web browsers are driven by comfort and habit of the user. None can be ignored while you decide to develop a website. Your website needs to be developed to suit all web browsers. We develop websites for Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer and others.

Mobile Development

Technology for Mobile Application Development

Mobility is the way forward. Creating a mobile application to meet objectives of your customers and to ensure high brand engagement requires you to study the market and understand mobile technologies.

Mobile Application Development needs you to consider the final user experience to create a flawless app. Before you decide to create a mobile application, we recommend that you understand the technology behind it. This helps you choose the right technology – reducing costs and providing a light application.

Native mobile apps

Potential users are comfortable and loyal to a given mobile platform, then native mobile app is the best choice. Apart from that it also provides speed, great user experience and quick development turn around.

Hybrid mobile apps:

With high proliferation of mobile devices and thinning loyalty of mobile platform preferences, you may choose to get yourself a Hybrid mobile application. This is a cost-effective choice if you use a single language to build this. Cordova, Xamarin, PhoneGap, and others are the technologies we have used to develop hybrid mobile apps.

Front-end development tools

User interface (UI) is most appreciated by a user for its simplicity and intuitive comprehensive of the application. For this choosing the right front-end tools to suffice the platform is most important. To ensure the same we work on several front-end tools. A few to name are HTML5, CSS, Javascript, .Net, jquery and so on.

Web apps to Mobile apps

Websites are restructured and designed to give a responsive experience based on the user’s device preference. The other scenario would be when your fully functional web application needs to be made available with similar functionality on a mobile device.

Mobile Application Development Platforms (MADP)

A mobile application development platform needs to be chosen for your business based on a few parameters. The critical parameters being mobile devices, multi-channel existence, data sources required, version management and other management needs and environment to integrate further mobile applications which be business or technology add-ons. Some of the platforms we can help you with are Android, iOS, Hybrid, Xamarin, CoreDova, Phonegap and more.

Mobile Application Testing

Mobile Application testing is a part of our development process. We use cost-effective methodologies via emulators and simulators to complete the testing process. Apart from that we also run functional and UX tests to ensure that the mobile app is great for the market.

Apart from in-house applications that we have built, we also undertake testing projects of mobile apps built elsewhere and those that need load testing, usability testing or any other domain specific testing.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is complete with design, content, analytics, and testing. Majority of the steps involved in these activities and hence brings in redundancy if the right technology is not implemented. Mostly based on the scale of the email marketing practices, an email marketing tool is implemented. It could be for 2000 to 2 million users. We help with email template designs in HTML and Adobe Photoshop, customized it with your email automation tool or CRM platform. Our resources run campaigns, measure them and report insights for better conversion.

Technology for Digital Marketing

Marketing is no more people-only driven, it is equally driven by technology. Having mentioned that, we support marketing function teams with technology that will ease analytics, provides insights, implements automation, lead generation, conversion optimization and branding. With marketing, you would need help in either creating digital collateral, system integration, implementation or analytics. The recent development in the marketing technology space is to be able to find the right resources for your business, network with and execute task-driven projects. These are marketplaces, communities and social websites. While the buzz is all about digital marketing, it becomes a maze when it comes to execution. We have listed technologies, their utility and what exactly should be used for when.

SEO, Social Media and Content Marketing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

You found us through your search! We help websites rank for the most important keywords they are looked for. Our search engine optimization (SEO) campaigns are designed not just for page ranking but also lead generation. We use all the necessary tools like heat maps, bookmarking, content curation, webmaster tools and so on to ensure your pages are found when searched for.

Social Media Marketing

With the fast-paced changes happening to social media platforms, social media marketing is not deployed for branding needs only. It helps you drive leads, online sales, engagement and recall value. For striking virality, social media marketing is most preferred. We run campaigns for Facebook, Blogs, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, Quora and so on.

Content Marketing

SEO will be handicapped without content marketing. Content marketing involves creating a great content strategy, developing relevant content and distributing it across relevant channels. This is an imperative effort for building relevant backlinks and driving page visibility in search engines and social media platforms.

Paid Marketing

Paid marketing activity gives a boost to immediate sales and hence is a preferred choice for defined set of conversions. However, to optimize paid marketing spend, we help you by adopting A/B testing, landing page optimization, lead conversion optimization and so on. We run paid ads using Google Adwords, Facebook ads, Instagram ads, Google adwords network, Linkedin ads, Twitter ads and sponsored ads.

Marketing Analytics

None of the digital marketing efforts are found futile without the back-up of analytics. It tells you how each marketing channel is performing and which of those are star performers vs under dogs. We help you integrate Google Analytics, Mix Panel, Adobe analytics and other marketing clouds that provides website analytics and other media analytics.

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